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How Do I Pay For My Real Time Leads

Lead pricing is based on: type of lead, number of states, filters.

You will be charged for the leads after they have been sent to you

No upfront deposit or fees. Pay as you go.

Pay by the end of the day for the leads you recieved that day. The leads fee will be charged to the customer's credit card.on file.

Customer may request to cancel their service at anytime. The fee  for the leads received that day will be charged at the time of cancellation.
Call in to Cancel | 1-800-486-8616

You may pause your leads via our website at anytime.
Call in to Pause | 1-800-486-8616

Returns Need to be made via our website for any lead with a bogus name of phone number. The approved leads will be replaced with new leads.
Click here for detailed instructions

We do not guarantee signups for customer services

If you have any questions about our program give us a call at 1-800-486-8616

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