Annuity Insurance Sample

Annuity Insurance Leadid:  888881

General Information

Type of Annuity:  Equity-Indexed Annuity

Do you currently own an annuity:  No

Primary consideration influencing annuity purchase:  Company offering annuity

What Amount of Money Would You Like to Invest?:  $50,000

If funds are from a CD, what month does it come due:  Not from CD

How often you plan to deposit additional funds?:  Quarterly

Customer Information

Full Name:  Bill ******

CAddress:  *** Treetop Ln

City:  Brooklyn

State:  NY

Zip:  14555

Gender:  Male

Date of Birth:  10/10/1953

Email Address:  ******

Primary Phone:  ***-***-4567 ext: 2541

Secondary Phone:  ***-***-5544

Best Time To Contact:  Evening

Get Leads Now Call: 1.800.486.8616