Copier Sample

COPIER Leadid:  32243

Copier Pricing

How many copiers are you looking to purchase?:  5

What type of copier are you looking to purchase?:  Digital Copiers

What is your estimated budget for this purchase?:  $10,000 - 14,999

When are you looking to purchase copier(s)?:  ASAP

Approximately how many copies of a document do you make at one time?:  100

About how many copies will you be making per month?:  32,000

How many copies do you want to be able to make per minute?:  10

What size copies will you be making:  Letter-size (8.5 x 11)

What kind of paper stock will you be using to copying?:  Standard Copy Paper

Do you want Account codes?:  No

Do you want Automatic document feeder?:  No

Do you want Duplex copying?:  Not Sure

Do you want Editing features?:  Yes

Do you want Full-bleed printing?:  Yes

Do you want Sorter/stapler?:  Yes

Do you want Transparency cassette?:  No

Do you want Transparency interleaving?:  No

Customer Information

Full Name:  Brooke ******

Your Company Name:  **********

City:  Bloomington

State:  MN

Zip:  55438

Email Address:  *********

Primary Phone:  ***-***-4513 ext 109

Secondary Phone:  ***-***-1812

Best Time To Contact:  Morning

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