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Sample Leads

Seller Lead / Buyer Lead

Seller Sample Leads

*** Realtor List Seller Lead Details *** Lead ID: 1053

*** Contact ***
Name: Ron Howard
Email Address:
Best time to contact: Afternoon
Day Phone: 800-486-8616 ext 100
Evening Phone: 800-486-8616
Cell Phone: 800-486-8616

*** Property Information ***
Address: 1700 South Dixie Highway
City, State, Zip: Boca, FL 33432
Style : One Story
Year Built: 1990
Type of home: One Story
Bed Rooms: 1 Bedroom
Bath Rooms: 1 Bath
Square Footage: 34553
Lot Size: 5000
Last appraisal: Within 3 years
Estimated current value : 500000
Shed/Barn: Yes
Breakfast Bar: No
Finished Basement: Yes
Fireplace: No
Gourmet Kitchen: Yes
New Construction: No
Pool: Yes
Spa/Hot Tub: No
Waterfront: Yes
Comments: Sell my house please!

Buyer Sample Leads

*** Realtor List Buyer Lead Details *** Lead ID: 1048
 *** Contact ***
 Name: Zip code test 111
 Address: ghfghf
 City, State, Zip: fghfgh, FL
 Email Address: 423444
 Best time to contact: Morning
 Day Phone: 212-122-1222
 Evening Phone: 122-222-1222
 Cell Phone: --
 *** Property Information ***
 City, State, Zip: , FL
 Preferred State: FL
 Preferred ZIP Codes: 33067       
 Style : 2 Story
 Age: 3 Years to 5 Years
 Type of Garage:
 Bed Rooms: 2 Bedrooms
 Bath Rooms: 1 Bath
 Square Footage: 3445
 Lot Size: 5343
 Estimated current value : 34444
 Desired Extras:
 Shed/Barn: No
 Breakfast Bar: No
 Finished Basement: No
 Fireplace: No
 Gourmet Kitchen: No
 New Construction: No
 Pool: No
 Spa/Hot Tub: No
 Waterfront: No
 Comments: zip code test 111


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