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Leads Sales News 08/03/2012

Alleviating the Pressures of Sales

Everyone in sales is aware of the pressures they face every day. When your in sales you income is based on how much you are able to sell. So why not elevate some of that pressure by affording you self ever advantage possible. One major advantage is to utilize high quality sales leads. Join us as we explore how good sales leads can help alleviate some of the day to day pressures most face in the sales industry.

Danny Swiatocha, VP of Sales at Leads2Results helps explain how purchasing sales leads can help alleviate the pressures of sales. “You don't have to do all you own searching for leads. When you buy leads all the information is right there. That can be a lot of pressure right there, trying to find new clients and managing your own marketing. Buying leads far more cost effective then you generate your own. When you try to do it your self you can spend a lot of money that leads to no where, or you can have someone established already do all that work for you. Then you don't even have to think about it at all.”

If your in sales you have one main focus, one goal in mind, and that is to make more sales. The only way you can do that is by talking to new clients, so the more new clients you talk to the greater your sales potential. There really is not time to do your own marketing if you are to stay focused on you main goal. Utilizing sales leads helps keep you focused.

Danny Swiatocha goes on to say. “Most sales people are busy and don't really have the time to put into there own marketing. What ever they are able to do on there own is rushed and often sloppy. Buying leads is quick, easy and simple, like 1 2 3 . You don't have to worry about mailing list or sending out fliers which could be expensive too. At Leads2Results we do all of that for you as if you where to do it for your self, only better because we are pros!”

When asked the question “ As a sales person how can leads help elevate the pressure of actually making your sales quota?” Chris Rodriguez, VP of Business Development at Leads2Results answered “ I can think of at least two major ways Leads can help alleviate the pressure of making sales. Number one, you don't have to do any cold calling so its a warm and receptive potential client your talking with, already interested in hearing what you have to say about a particular product or service. Number two, It takes out all the legwork of actually finding prospects. A lead basically sets up a sale for success. “

In conclusion, it's no secret that with sales comes a lot of pressure to actually make the sales you need to provide your self with a paycheck. What is a secret to some that in efforts to save money some sales professionals might actually be adding pressure to themselves, and as a result there attempts in saving actually cost them. The answer to this problem is purchasing quality sales leads, and a great place to find quality sales leads is at Leads2Results.

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