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Leads Sales News 08/14/2012

The PPACA Effect on Health Insurance Agents

June 28, 2012, will forever be the day known as the day the Supreme Court decided that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, more commonly known as Obama care, was in line with the constitution of the United States of America. As a result many insurance agents have been quite on edge about the implications this has on their industry and the security of their positions within. Some publications suggested that insurance agents would get thrown out with the trash, while other suggested that there would be lots of opportunities and profit gains for all. The fact of the matter is the PPACA brings with it a mix of both good and bad. If insurance agents are well prepared and have set fourth a strategy for navigating the up and coming industry turbulence, they will come out the other side just fine if not better than before.

A wealth of young adults will now be shopping for insurance. With the implementation of Obamacare comes a surge in young American adults needing health insurance. Why do so many perfectly healthy young adults suddenly need heath insurance, because it's the law. Where young adults could once roll the dice and count on there good health, they now need to have some sort of coverage. As a result this will generate millions of new heath insurance leads for health insurance agents. The trick is to get these leads from a reliable source. The young adults in this country have little experience when it comes to insurance coverage, so it is anticipated that they will need the guidance of a professional health insurance agent in order to figure out what plan is right for them.

Those with preexisting conditions can now get and will be applying for insurance. So many Americans are uninsured due to the fact that they have preexisting conditions. As an insurance sales professional this is an issue that just could not be overlooked, and as a result made it impossible to sell insurance to many people who really wanted it and where ready to buy. All of those people can now get insurance, in fact it is illegal to deny them insurance. Yet another door is open for both insurance agents and those with preexisting conditions. The best way to connect the two is by utilizing health insurance leads.

Many businesses now need to offer health insurance when they didn't have to before. A business with more than 50 employes will now need to provide employees with insurance. This is yet another large pool of health insurance leads, with the potential for huge commissions on large policies. A major hurdle for small businesses will be figuring out what kind of health insurance will help them deal with the new cost implemented on them as a results while finding the best coverage for there employees. They will need an expert to help them decipher the minimum standards of the PPACA. If an agent is well versed in group policies and can understand and interpret new laws then the are in a position to make lots of new sales. An agent who understands and can interpret the new law will be valuable to these companies as they select their insurance plans.

There will be a new program called the health insurance exchange which is anticipated to have quite an effect on the industry. Of the most prevalent concerns in the creation of the health insurance exchange. Essentially it is a website where people can go to see all plans and policies provided by health insurance agency’s. There they can sign up for the policy that best suits there needs and fits with in there budget. Those who apostrophized the affects of the Health Insurance Exchange fail to recognize the fact that this can already be done with web searches and online research. The fact is many people still want to speak to someone, an expert that can guide them through the complicated health insurance process.

Of the major questions and concerns the PPACA or Obamacare raises non of them suggest insurance agents will be out of work. In fact at closer inspection it would appear that if an insurance agent where wise they would take advantage of the wealth of brand new insurance leads that will be rolling in, not by the hundreds, or thousands, but by the millions! In summary, nothing in the PPACA is inherently hostile to insurance agents. Those who are willing to be flexible and make adjustments should continue to be able to make a living in their chosen career.

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