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Leads Sales News 08/01/2012

The Advantage of Real Time Leads

There are a wide range of lead generation services and each type serves a different purpose. Some companies generate there own leads in house by offering free lunches in return for a sales pitch. Others send out email blast, and some just simply make cold calls. Many would consider these methods a waste of time with low conversions often discovering that the time and effort put forth exceed the returns. Other opt to buy leads, of which there are also many options.

We at Leads2Results believe that of the many lead purchasing options, one of the best choices a company can make is real time leads. So what is a real time lead? Well a real time lead is simply a lead that is sent to you in “Real time”. When a potential customer searches the internet for a particular product or service they are directed to our landing page, AllOptions has a very high ranking on all the major search engines. From there they are asked to fill out a form in regards to there interest, which includes detailed contact information and industry particulars. The moment that user clicks submit, the information is sent directly to your email.

Danny Swiatocha, VP of Sales explains how and why it works, “Clients come to our website in search of your services, fill out a lead application, we ask them questions matching the criteria of your industry, and once they fill that out and hit submit we generate that lead and send it straight to your email, in real time, time stamped and all. And that's great because right then and there you can catch the client at there highest interest, obviously there shopping right now, they want a quote right now. If your the one giving them that quote your chances for landing a sale are significantly increased.”

Chris Rodriguez, VP of Business Development at Leads2Results explains the importance of fresh leads, “There important because you get the lead when there hot, when they are basically ready to hear what you have to say about a particular product or service. Fresh leads are the best because that's when you have the captive audience that's looking for a quote on a particular product or service. When there fresh the lead is willing to listen to what you have to say, there willing to follow up with you and you have a much better chance of closing the sale because there in the mind set of shopping around and making a purchasing decision.”

The fact of the matter is advancements in technology, of which Leads2Results is at the for front, has created an expectation for prospects, that they will get what they are looking for quickly. They are not going to wait around for a response, nor should they be expected to. If a seller has the ability to react, almost immediately, they better well take advantage of it or they will loose the sale to someone who got there quicker. Our real time leads give you that competitive edge.

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