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New Information on Leads2Results Insurance Leads

Leads2Results is a head of the pack when it comes to producing insurance leads for there clients. There most popular insurance leads types come in two different forms. One form is that which is available in there aged leads data base. The other is there staple product, there real-time insurance leads. Every day new leads are being generated and these new leads come from real potential insurance clients that want to information straight form the source, insurance agents them self's.

Recently Leads2Results, a reputable leads generation company out of Boca Raton Florida, is announcing they are doing some construction and adding a lot of content to there website. There plans include adding to there already informative insurance leads, business leads, consumer leads, and mortgage leads section.

Eagerly Chris Rodriguez, VP of Business Development at Leads2Results explained “So many insurance companies a lot of money on a quest for new customers by attempting to generate leads in house. In one hand we work very hard to bring the cost down for all our customers while in the other creating an environment that fosters more sales for our clients.”

The insurance leads are generated by Leads2Results and Leads23Results alone by utilizing there original custom built “real-time internet generated leads” system. The system ensures that the leads are coming from self-motivated individuals surfing the web for an insurance quote. There are no trick alternative solicitations used to entice lead generation, so there are no free iPads here. What is utalized is there uncanny ability to achieve some of the highest rankings on all of the major search engines which include Google, Yahoo, Bing and MSN. This is how most potential insurance clients find the questioner forms. So essentially there efforts in achieving such good rankings is comparable to individual companies investing thousands into there own SEO efforts. Wise insurance agents will see that Leads2Results is simpply eliminating all the hassle involved with SEO.

Through the efforts of the Leads2Results owner, and there state of the art web development team, headed by Jay Assis, Leads2Results has developed very unique code that enhances lead generation. Assis says “We are the only ones using our code because it's ours and our alone, it's one of a kind. We have developed methods that take snap shots of important information, and compares that up with matching clients, practically in the blink of an eye!” This method of generating leads is greatly benefiting there current clients. Assis goes on to say “We are always exploring the newest ways to generate even better leads.”

After clients have found what there looking for on the search engines the reach one of the Leads2Results landing pages. From here applicants are asked significant questions needed to generate a thorough insurance lead. When the form is completed they hit submit thus sending the lead right to the customer. This provides them with the important information within moments. Along with that the leads are never place in a database holding pattern but get sent in real-time. There practice of time and date stamping each and every lead authenticates this process, giving extra assurance that they are brand new, sizzling hot, bakery fresh leads.

The standards place on the quality of the aged leads are equvelent to those place on the real-time leads. The huge advantage of choosing aged insurance leads is that agents can get lot more leads while keeping cost down, way down. The aged insurance leads are most effective when used in phone rooms and call centers . There also great when dispersed amongst to multiple agents and even more so for agents taking customers from multiple states.

A Leads2Results spokesperson elaborates on the significance. "The aged insurance leads we sell are generated in the same manor as the real time leads, there just older. Old leads are very effective as well".

Leads2Resutls has tons of insurance leads to choose from in real-time or equally as many as aged leads. They have a huge library of personal insurance leads that include annuity insurance, auto insurance, critical illness insurance, dental insurance, disability insurance, final expense insurance, health insurance, homeowner insurance, life insurance, long term care insurance, medicare, supplemental insurance, mortgage life insurance.

In addition to there person leads collection there business insurance leads library consist of business interruption insurance, business owners insurance, cafeteria plan insurance, commercial auto insurance, commercial property insurance, crime insurance, directors and officers insurance, general liability insurance, key man insurance, professional liability insurance, retirement plans, supplemental plans, workers compensation insurance.

On top of all that there are a few group insurance leads categories which many find very useful including group dental insurance, group disability insurance, group health insurance, and group life insurance

There are other benefit to consider when looking at a leads generation company like Leads2Results . With them there are no contracts, ever, further instilling the amount of confidence backing there product. This gives there clients are given the rare freedom to come and go as they see fit. Another benefit to consider is there total lack of set-up, maintenance, or back-end fees. They refuse to pass along such responsibilities to there clients. They merely ask for a small deposit to fund an account, making it easy for leads to be sent with out interruption. The leads subtracted provided are deducted from the balance. If a customer doesn't want to get leads anymore, simply say so and leads to results will refund any remaining balance.

On January 6, 2012 EddieMC a leads to results customer proclaimed the following, “They have very good leads and I have been very successful with them. If I ever have a problem they solve it with amazing customer service. I put down a $1000 deposit and they never charged me more.”

“I really enjoy doing my job” says Danny Swiatocha. The 5 year Leads2results sales rep goes on to say “It makes my day when a client of mine is looking for more leads because it's working, there making sales. Its really awesome to think that I earn my paycheck by aiding others in increase there paycheck, makes me feel like I'm a part of something bigger!”

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