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Leads Sales News 07/31/2012

Leads2Results is now Offering Reverse Mortgage Leads

Leads2Results is now a provider of high quality reverse mortgage leads. These leads are available to serious lenders specializing in providing reverse mortgages. A Leads2Results spokes person explains “Our reverse mortgage leads come from self motivated seniors. These seniors are searching the internet for revers mortgage solutions. By utilizing years of experience and top search rankings, we are able to direct those searching for revers mortgages to one of our popular landing pages, where they are prompted to fill out a form requesting reverse mortgage price quotes.”

What is so ingenious about the system that Leads2Results has built is that those who have singed up for reverse mortgage leads get those leads just moments after the potential consumer has filled out and completed one of there forms. This is what they call “Real time internet generated leads”

Jay Assis, the Senior programer at Leads2Results explains. “We have built a unique code that allows us to instantly match up the applicant with the appropriate service provider. In the case of reverse mortgage, the moment a request is submitted our customers get the lead virtually instantly! This is what we call “Real-Time”.

Chris Rodriguez, VP of Business Development adds, “Anyone in sales knows that the best leads are fresh, hot leads, and our Real time leads provides our customers with leads that are sizzling. You can literally contact a potential customer a minute after they have completed one of our forms. This gives you the upper hand over any competition you may have.”

Leads2Results is also making there reverse mortgage leads available in there aged leads data base. This allows for customers to significantly increase the amount of leads they receive while reducing overall cost.

A Leads2Results spokes person leaves us with this. “All of our reverse mortgage leads are generated from highly targeted websites specifically designed to attract self-motivated applicants in search of reverse mortgages.”

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