News 05/22/2012

Leads2Results is implementing new product guides

Leads2Results is announcing that they are expanding on there website to better serve there existing customers and to help new ones find all the information they need.

Recently Leads2Results, a reputable leads generation company out of Boca Raton Florida, is announcing they are doing some construction and adding a lot of content to there website. There plans include adding to there already informative insurance leads, business leads, consumer leads, and mortgage leads section.

A Leads2Results spokes person commented about the expansion. “ I am excited about the expansion. We want our customers, new and old, to have to have a great experience with us all around. That experience should be uniform across the entire company, from speaking with one of our sales associates to doing research on our website. ”

Leads2Results has been an industry leader for well over a decade now. Many wonder how they have managed to remain in business for so long. Even more intriguing is how they managed to comfortably service a sever economic down turn. There success can be attributed to a number of factors but according to there spokesperson some hold more weight than others. “We attribute our success to our exemplary customer service! Look, with out customers, we don't have a business. If our customers are happy then we have do our job. How do we know we are doing our job? Well we don't require any contracts so our customers can come and go as they please; most stay. The fact that the majority of our customers are repeat customers is a testament to the quality of our leads.”

The plan is to expand portions of the website to include informative articles, tips and guides on how to best utilize the leads being purchased and be better informed on business trends as a whole. Brain Cattelle, Senior Web Designer at Leads2Results says “I was excited when I was asked to expand on the website. I'm looking forward to creating new pages that really help out new and old customers a like. Our articles, tip and guides are really going to be geared towards informing our customers on what is the best course of action for them. I'm a firm believer that knowledge is power and our expansion will certainly be a source of empowerment to those who visit us”.

So far in there expansion Leads2Results has added new pages to there insurance leads section including an about page that explains all the basics of insurance leads. There is also a how to sell section that aids customers in landing sales using there insurance leads. In addition to that there is a new tips section that gives out a number of tips and techniques that can be used while on the phone with a potential client. And lastly there is the get insurance leads section that outlines the 5 major benefits of using insurance leads. Brian Cattelle goes on to explain. “This is just the beginning, we plan to add similar information for all of our products as to better inform our customers and boost the user experience of our website. I'm glad that I have leadership that is constantly asking us to push the envelope and develop new techniques for engaging and educating people”.

In conclusion it is clear that Leads2Results as a vested interest in there customer satisfaction, not only with there product but with the content of there website. An industry leader for well over the past decade there efforts to constantly be improving there services seem to be paying off.

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