Leads Sales News 06/29/2012

Leads2Results is Offering Free Leads!

For over ten years now Leads2Results has been a a leader in the internet generated leads industry. They are striving to make there powerful leads program more accessible to all businesses. All summer long Leads2Results will be running there Social Media Summer Sales Specials every Friday.

Brian Cattelle, director of social media says  "I think this sale is really great, it gives us a chance to link up with professionals who are not aware of our services. By utilizing social media we hope to make new connections and I'm sure there are people signed in and online at this very moment who could really benefit from our leads."

A Leads2Results spokes person further explained "We will be holding these specials sales every Friday all summer . This Friday we are actually offering free leads. On top of that we are offering a $10 discount each individual lead. Crazy I know but with this special you will get $250 worth of free leads to get you started. And to continue to keep your cost low we will also give you a $10 discount on on the cost of each individual lead. Simply make a $2000 deposit & with auto-renew to take advantage of this special. “

Chris Rodriguez, VP of Business Development at Leads2Results said “The sales will very week to week, so it's important to stay tuned. Like this week for example our sale is almost unheard of, I mean Free Leads, who does that?"

Danny Swiatocha, VP of Sales states "Making quality connections with new clients can be difficult and frustrating at times. Our leads offer a solution that many other forms of marketing just don't by connecting them directly to new potential clients. We get all the pins set up by getting the clients, collecting there information, so that our clients can knock em' down."

Leads2Results has a large catalog of leads and products. They feature more than 50 various leads categories for business leads, insurance leads, mortgage leads and consumer leads. The majority of there leads come in different forms of which include real time, aged, and email verified.

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