News 04/18/2012

Leads2Results is Introducing New Lead Programs for All Industries

Leads2Results, a leader in internet generated leads, disclose mid April that it's providing a lot of new services including, real time leads, aged leads, email verified leads and live transfer leads. Bridging the gap between customers and sellers has always been the main focus for Leads2Results, and now with all of its options, that bridge is crossed with ease. Backed by a lot of excitement Chris Rodriguez, VP of Business Development at Leads2Results clarifies "a lot of businesses waste lots of money exploring new ways to create leads in house. We work very hard to lower the cost for all our partners while promoting more sales. We are looking forward to seeing the amount in which our partners grow from our new efforts"

At the front line of the Leads2Results product development efforts is its staple product, its "Real Time Internet Generated" Leads. Through the efforts of the Leads2Results owner, and there cutting-edge web development team, lead by Jay Assis, Leads2Results has created specific code that stream lines lead generation. Assis says "Our leads are one of a kind because our code is also one of a kind. We have created a method that takes a snap shot of important information, and lines that up with with our equivalent client, with in moments!" This method of generating leads will benefit there partners. Assis goes on to say "We are always looking for new ways to make our leads even better, every day!

Leads2Results will also be including aged leads to its portfolio of products. Even though the leads are aged, they adhere to the high standards of Leads2Results. Aged leads can be bought for a much cheaper price yet they provide a much higher lead volume. This fact is attractive to many partners. A representative for Leads2Results elaborates. "We are providing a new service perfect for those with large call centers and phone rooms, looking to supply multiple agents with leads from multiple states."

Email verified leads is the newest addition to the Leads2Results family. Similar like the aged leads, email verified leads can help manage a company's cost, simultaneously amplifying there leads volume. A Leads2Results spokesperson elaborate on the subject "We explore the web for businesses that advertise on Google, Bing, and more. When we find a business that matches our credentials we have our verification department contact them with questions. Clients that are more interested in a specific service give us with a finished questioner that contains all the relevant contact info. They are then told that our affiliate will reach out to them shortly, strengthening the connection between everyone involved"

Last but certainly not least to the growing line of Leads2Results services is its Live Transfer Leads. Live Transfer Leads are generated by directing search engine traffic to web sites where customers can request a quote on a specific product and or service. The beauty lies in the fact that these customers are self-motivated. They land on our web page by performing specific key word searches, or utilizing organic clicks, and ads posted on the key search engines. Customers that want to learn more or receive a quote submit their form. The leads are then per-screened by our talented telemarketers, from there they are transferred directly to our partner. A Leads2Results spokesperson elaborates on the benefits "Every lead is unshared meaning its only sold to one person. Our partners are getting interested consumers handed to them on an inbound call giving them a %100 contact rate."

"My job is great" proclaims Danny Swiatocha. He continues, stating "I am very satisfied when one of our partners calls me up wanting more leads. My job is great because I make money helping others increase there paycheck!"

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