News 03/23/2012

Leads2Results Announces it's New Live Transfer Leads Program.

Leads2Results is proud to announce the addition of Live Transfer Leads along with it's real time internet generated leads and it's aged leads programs.

Chris Rodriguez, VP of Business Development at Leads2Results explains "We have worked hard to constantly deliver a high quality product to all of our customers. That's why I'm so excited to be offering our clients this product. It's a real opportunity to help others grow there business."

The leads are generated by driving search engine traffic to a professional web site where interested customers request a quote on a particular services. These are self-motivated prospects. They are only drawn to our web site through key word searches, organic clicks, and sponsor ads found on the major search engines. Interested customers submit their information, and these leads are then per-screened by in house telemarketers before being transferred.

Danny Swiatocha, VP of Sales states explains the benefits "Every lead is exclusive. This means that the live lead is sold to one person and one person only so competition is nearly elimitated. In short people are getting an interested consumer on an inbound call providing a %100 contact rate."

Senior Web Developer, Jay Assis goes on to say "Our live transfer leads are generated in house. I know because I built the code that captures the information, I also streamlined the phone system and the integration of the live transfer protocol."

Leads2Results has always made creating connections between customers and sellers it's main priority, but now with its new live transfer program, that connection will be made even stronger. This announcement shows the true dedication Leads2Results has towards offering it's clients the very best and up to date products available.

In a final statement Chris Rodriguez says "So many companies have to spend a mass amount of money finding new customers by generating there own leads. We strive to bring that cost down for all our customers while facilitating an environment that produces more sales. We are excited to see how much our current and future customers prosper from our new efforts."

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