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Good insurance sales come in set goals and focused salespeople

Many people in sales wonder what is the most important quality possesed by a sucessfull insurance salesperson. Many probably think it mostly has to do with working harder than the next person and knowing more about the product and service you are selling that the other person. Others would tend to emphasise the importance of a possative (glass is half full) attitude. These atrabutes are infact very important, but do next to no good if not led by meaning full goals and a strong abiltity to stay focused and actually meet those goals.

Most insurance sales people see the task of setting goals to be teduse, lame and boaring. Really most think it is just pointless busywork bestowed on them by there heartless managers. No matter if one succeeds or failes, there journy can be retraced, but those who fail tend to avoid looking at this, while those who succeed take responcabiltiy for there actions, because in sales, everyone is selfmade. Those who don't do so well wast much of there time blaming others when really the true culprit is themselfs and there inability to set clear goals and stay dialed in on meeting them.

Granted, it is helpful to those just starting out in sales to have a supervisor who understands this value and bestows it on his employees. It is also helpful if the supervisor also promotes personal responsibility over teaching how to play the blame game. Many of the worlds greats have set goals, seemingly impossible goals, but those who stay focused and determined to meet those goals always end up on top.

First and foremost it is important to have a clear and specific goal (s). Doing so will help you greatly achieve them. Here are 3 tips that will prove vary useful along the way.

1. Decide where it is you want to go and determine a route that will get you there. Remember that it is important to stay in reality and not get to carried away with delusional of grandeur. On the other hand it is necessary to challenge your self and push the envelope. This will not only help you get better and stronger along the way but on success you will feel just that much more accomplished and feel just that much more pride.

2. Don't just think of your goals but actually get them down on paper. This way you always have something to refer back too so you can make sure you stay on track. In addition blow your plan up really big and put it up on a wight board so it is easily visible, so you can always see it. Just like a hanging up a poster of that super model you really want to date, a white board that features your plan can arouse excitement concerning your goals when ever you get a gimps of it.

3. It is always important to go back and look over the goals you have set. Some things may change along the way and if need be make adjustments. This should be done every day. Closely monitoring your progress and making necessary adjustment will help assure you find you way to reaching you ultimate goal.

In conclusion there is a lot more to becoming a successful insurance sales person than just a big smile and a popular attitude. You have to be smart and dedicated. By setting a realistic yet challenging goal you are being smart. By staying on track and achieving that goal you are being dedicated.

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