Leads Sales News 06/15/2012

Cheap Online Leads

Leads2Results is announcing it's one of a kind Social Media Summer Sales! Every Friday of the 2012 summer season Leads2Results will be featuring a new sale on twitter, facebook, linkedin or Google + . Join them on one of these social media networks and get in the loop.

For the last 10 years and more Leads2Results has been a top ranking figure the internet generated leads industry with it's superior leads. This year they decided to make there powerful marketing product more affordable than ever. From today all the way to the end of the summer season Leads2Results will be promoting there Social Media Summer Sales Specials offering cheap online leads.

Brian Cattelle, director of social media says "I'm pumped about this sale, I think its a great opportunity for us to provide our customers with cheap leads that are still very high in quality. This will help us reach out and work with various businesses and sales agents who don't know about our services but could really benefit from them. I'm also excited about the fact that our social media sale is one of a kind."

Brian Cattelle went on to explain "These specials will be run every Friday untill the end of summer which is officially September 22nd. Every Friday we will announce a new sale on our twitter, facebook, linkedin, and google + pages. And we make it super simple. There are no codes to remember or coupons to scan. Really all the customer has to do is call us at 1-800-486-8616 and metion to the sales representative where they saw the sale, and it will be honored."

Chris Rodriguez, VP of Business Development at Leads2Results said “Every week the sale will be different, so getting connected with us via our social networks is a key component to knowing about what we have marked down. One week we may have a special on life insurance leads, while the next week we might feature web design leads. It all depends on whats hot and whats not. We might even be giving away free leads, yeah free leads, something you will never see anywhere else".

Danny Swiatocha, VP of Sales states "Some businesses and sales people don't always find it so easy to connect with new clients. Our leads offer a solution to this dilemma, a solution that is unique to other traditional marketing techniques. The biggest difference is we provide a way for businesses to make a direct connection with new perspective clients. Actually we do all the work by generating new clients, collecting there info, and confirming there interest. From there we put it in a neat little package that is easy for our clients to use."

Leads2Results has a large catalog of leads and products. They feature more than 50 various leads categories for business leads, insurance leads, mortgage leads and consumer leads. The majority of there leads come in different forms of which include real time, aged, and email verified.

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