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Aged Health Insurance Leads Program Aims to Increase Volume While Decreasing Cost

Leads2Results is proud to announce it's aged health insurance leads program. For some this announcement could not come at a better time. A health insurance agent from Davie FL had this to say "The health insurance industry is not so easy to read. Traditional advertising is not working the way it use to. Aged leads seem to be my best bet, they are cheap therefore the added volume expands my reach and increases my results."

Many are familiar with the fact that the health care industry is changing. The outcome of many of these changes is still unknown. For many insurance agents it is vital to stay a head of the game. There are a number of reasons for these changes the most prevalent of which is an ever changing and indecisive political environment. In March of 2010 the President of the United States signed the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into law. Health insurance companies can lo longer put annual or lifetime limits on the amount of coverage available. This, in turn, has caused an increase on the amount of claims paid out.

On top of this, insurance providers will have to spend 85% of large employer premiums and 80% of individual plans on healthcare services and general improvements. If they fail to do so rebates must be issued. This ultimately dampers the amount of expected cash flow, throwing many health care insurance company’s for a loop.

Although seemingly depressing news for the industry there is actually good news, and the effects have already been seen. In fact due to the increased accessibility of healthcare plans, the number of policy holders is projected to increase by more than 20 million in the next several years. So what does all this mean for health insurance sales? It indicates that although regulations are making it more difficult to earn large profits, more people will be looking for insurance. In order to make up for lost profits, more customers need to sign up for healthcare services.

A spokesperson for Leads2Results explains the significance. "With aged leads, agents are getting leads we generated but where never followed up on properly. We thought why should they just go to waste and figured that agents can get a greater volume of leads at a significantly reduced rate. We are excited to be proving this new service, we think it can really help out some agents who are on a tight budget, or even those just looking for sheer volume".

There is one thing that is certain. Keeping a close eye on the ever changing political landscape is all important. Maintaining and generating new sales is more important than ever.

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