Refinance Home Equity Sample


Refinance Home Improvement (Consumer)

Credit history::  Excellent

Have you foreclosed on a home, or filed bankruptcy in the last 7 years?:  No

Were any of your payments late 30 days or more in the last 12 months?:  No

Are you self-employed?:  No

Type of property:  Townhome

What is the value of your home?:  $245,000

Cash out amount?:  $150,000

What is your loan balance?:  $70,000

Current monthly payment?:  $1,450

Current interest rate?:  6%

Balance on 2nd mortgage?:  $30,000

Monthly payment on 2nd mortgage?:  $700

Customer Information

Full Name:  Malinda ****

City:  Frankleton

State:  MO

Zip:  22790

Email Address:  *******

Primary Phone:  ***-***-9231

Secondary Phone:  N/A

Best Time To Contact:  Evening

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