Phone Systems Sample

PHONESYSTEMS Leadid:  98411

Phone System

Are you looking to buy or lease your phone system?:  Buy

Why are you looking for a phone system?:  Buy a System for the First Time

How may phone lines do you need?:  More than 30

How many extensions do you need?:  More than 100

What is your estimated budget?:  More than $20000

When are you looking to make a final decision on a phone system?:  In two weeks

What is your company's expected growth rate?:  Moderate

How many employees do you have?:  Over 100 Employees

Customer Information

Full Name:  Sheryl ******

Your Company Name:  Paper Force Untied

City:  Westlake

State:  OH

Zip:  44145

Email Address:  *******.***

Primary Phone:  ***-***-4567 ext. 119

Secondary Phone: ***-***-2398

Best Time To Contact:  Morning

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